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Investment Signal STAG USA

Investment Signal STAG USA

In 2017, we began offering tailored investment signals across
the US and Canadian markets.

At the moment, all the markets for which we offered signals
have made a profit, and if you traded without using leverage,
then the yield is average 30% per annum. This is the basic
conservative model.

If you use more complex models, then the average yield can be
increased to 35% -37% per annum without using leverage.

Let’s look at the passive dynamics of our portfolio. As you can
see for yourself, in most situations we overtake the Nasdaq
index. With passive retention, we earned 945% while the index
rose by only 527%.

An important point: dynamics without control are given
here!!! Passive retention. With active management, our gap
becomes even more significan

Investment Signal STAG USA

Active Signals Across U.S. Markets — From Alex Grey STAG

Who is interested we propose:

Long-term signals in US (Canada, and International) markets
without leverage: stocks, bonds, futures and etc.

1. The average annual yield is from 25% — 35% per annum

2. Minimum participation capital $250,000

3. Profit divided 50 to 50 after taxes, in fact

4. Retention period of 1.5-2 years or more (as applicable)

5. With a capital of more than $3,000,000, you can work on a 70
by 30 scheme

6. Fixed drawdown depends on the model 10-20%

7. Floating drawdown 10%

Statistics of most models since 1900 (this is not a typo of the
model work for more than 100 years), for individual shares since

Investment Signal STAG USA

Is this goal achievable or is it an illusion?

For example: a briefcase of one of the members of our group
with signals. Annual return of 72%. This is a lot, but considering that now the instability in the world is the usual yield for such a period.

Investment Signal STAG USA

Answering your questions….

Can I assist in raising capital from outside? If I want to
make money on mediation, then what will be the conditions?

Please, we discuss all the details personally +37255690096
viler, WhatsApp, telegram

Do you need access to my account?
There is no such need, we sign agreement, and we send you
signals, and you yourself open transactions and establish
markets orders. Your account is under your control.

What do you use, technical analysis?

We use global fundamental models and statistics on the market
itself, all this in combination gives excellent results.
Other questions…
Personal interaction and other issues +37255690096 viber,
WhatsApp, telegram.

Important: ours results can be better with individual
cooperation, since there are unique models in the markets that
give high returns in separate time periods.

For example, wars, epidemics, panic on the stock exchange
and other events give multiple returns and often fast, in 1-2
years. The ability to use these events for high-quality earnings
allows you to make a complex percentage. Such situations do
not occur every year, but when you have them, when investing 1
million, you can reach 10-12 million quite quickly. In fact, this
is 1200%. Now the instability in the world is growing and the
chances of making big money in such periods are the best. For
example, a similar period in the history of markets allowed on
average to take from 350% to 550% in 3 years and such
situations were not isolated. From 2018 to 2030, the possibilities
are unique, just as we are in a unique period of overlapping
many cycles. The average return in such periods can exceed

We cannot guarantee high profitability, here a lot depends on
fluctuations in the market, but our experience in the markets for
more than 20 years allows us to confidently look into the future,
and the markets with a high degree of probability will continue
to give high profitability. And during the period of instability, as
now, it is abnormal. The main thing is to be able to use such
opportunities. As stated earlier, we have sufficient experience

Investment Signal STAG USA



– 2024 –

Investment Signal STAG USA